The Stolen Bride (Book V) [for Kindle]

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Adam Fletcher’s fifth adventure picks up right where The Gypsy’s Curse left off —in the kitchen of the Topsail Tavern. After the initial shock has worn off about Santiago’s return, Adam and his father decide to go on a short errand together to New Bern to deliver a letter for Emmanuel. While they’re in town, they learn that Annabelle, the new bride of the recently-freed Martin family slave, Charles Jr., has gone missing.

Adam and his father are glad to try and help find her, but when they discover where she is and what has happened, it’s a race against the clock to secure her safety. The adventure will take father and son all the way to Boston to track down Will Martin, the only person who can intervene on Annabelle’s behalf. They soon find out that making it back to North Carolina with Will — along with some unexpected companions — was only half the battle.

The Stolen Bride is the fifth book in the Adam Fletcher Adventure Series of historical fiction novels. If you like fast-moving adventures, impetuous young heroes, suspense-filled plots, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Sara Whitford’s entertaining series!